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Buffy and Angel babblies...

Last night, I finally got to watch my episodes of Buffy and Angel smile

Read more commentaries at Rina’s and Christie’s. I totally agree with everything Christie and most of what Rina said about the episodes!

They were SO good! I cried some at Buffy. The end got me.... And I loved Angel! I hadn’t seen Angel for many eps, so E had to explain a bit to me. So let me count the ways I loved the epis...

* I loved when Angel came and took her hand. They reminded me of why I loved the show initially... And their completely honest conversation. I love that. Buffy needs someone like him so she can be strong, IMO. I wish it would work for him to be on the show!
* Tara really is starting to define her role for me - she was very motherly and firm to not just Dawn but to Willow too... Very interesting. (and I said that BEFORE reading what Christie said!)
* Xander and Anya... *giggle* Smooshing!!
* I love Spike. I know, the fanfic I’ve read has spoiled me so much because he can be such a good evil guy in the fanfic... I say that over and over while we watch and E rolls his eyes.
* Everybody looked too grown up at the funeral. It reminded me of the heartbreaking scenes in the last episode before the reruns - it had been so long since I saw that, I didn’t feel as sad about it as I thought I should.
*I was pretty worried about the zombie-mommy coming to their house. Definately made me tear up when Dawn tore the picture. But I do want to know what the resurection guy did to her when he shook her hand - they never explained the *zap!* between them.
* Glory has a clue, and that’s scary. This is almost as much fun as watching about the mayor several seasons ago - Buffy seasons are best with a CATCH like this... The next episodes should be excellent.
* I was somewhat surprised that they didn’t mention Buffy and the visit on Angel.
* "I bought her clothes" *giggle* He was BOUNCING! And Smiling - what a beautiful wonderful smile! That was so awesome! Made me laugh!!! [It reminded me of this picture of {{popup david.jpg david 310x707}}david]
* I definately must continue watching Angel till the end of the season, cuz now I’m hooked again!

You should check out the Feature about Buffy - thanks Rina, for the link. I went over to BuffyGuide to see if they had any kind of a recap yet, but no such luck. Also found a Buffy Portal at BuffySearch.com that I want to come back to smile

I think that’s the end of my babblies for now - please excuse me if you don’t like the shows, I just was so excited about them that I couldn’t keep it all in!!! smile


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Be still my beating heart!

Hmmm. So is it my slash observations that you don’t agree with? LOL

Lee - so glad I could make you smile! I love that pic!! He has SUCH a great smile, and I can just picture him bouncing last night with that huge grin *smile* smile

Their motives may have been good, because I know they did both miss Joyce a lot, but it was still bad. Tara’s saying that they can’t do this because bad things will happen, and Willow’s giving Dawn all these conflicting messages full of false hope. I think that while Willow is hurting, that it was cruel to Dawn, because Tara was absolutely right. You can’t mess with things like that, it’ll only end up hurting you. I think that Willow should have been a little more mature about it all - she may want Joyce back, but she can’t be back and still be Joyce. But all that she was telling Dawn was that she should try and get her mom back even though she’d be a zombie, which would hurt Dawn even more than if Joyce was just gone. Does that make sense? W&S may have been trying to help Dawn and get rid of their own pain, but they went about it in such a bad way that Dawn got more hurt.

I agree that it was a bad thing, but they were all selfishly wanting Joyce back, and blinded by that want towards the bad.

I see where you’re coming from, I just think they should have known better. Willow should have listened to what Tara was telling Dawn - that was being said to both of them. I know she was hurting, and knew Dawn was hurting, and wanted to make things better, I just think that she should have listened and saw what was best for Dawn, and she didn’t. And that drove me nuts, because it’s not like Tara wasn’t being clear. And I really, really wish Tara had called Willow on her behavior - Willow was not being subtle about helping Dawn get the book. I hope that comes up again.

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