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Young love...

My sister has a boy. Maybe not a boyfriend (yet?), but a boy nonetheless. She’s got a twinkle in her eye, and extra giggles in her voice. She doesn’t know where its going, and doesn’t really care right now. Its so much fun to hear her talk about him... He’s a boy that we’ve known since they were little - they went to Sabbath School together at church and have now gone to school together for the last 4 years. So they’ve been friends for a long time.

Its the end of high school for her, and making memories is what its all about now. I am excited for her that she’s doing a good job at that smile

(reminds me a little bit of the last few months of my college years... I did EVERYTHING those last few months - good and bad - and 14 days before Graduation, I started dating a really cute boy (which I thought would be a 14 day fling...) I married that cute boy!!)


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