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journal vs. weblog

I was checking out Daisyhead’s other favorites, and found Caffeine Diary. She linked to an article comparing Journals and Weblogs.

I have to comment on the last paragraph of this article

A person who keeps a diary or journal online is logging their life, not the web, no matter how they get their words out. So the next time someone uses "blog" as a synonym for "web diary," do both bloggers and diarists a favor and straighten them out.
Its kinda weird, because I think that my journal is a weird mix of a journal and a weblog. I may not be nearly as inward focusing as other journals out there, but my thoughtful thoughts come out more here than they do anywhere else. The main point in this quote that I differ with is "...is logging their life, not the web..." mainly because I really do think of things based on sites I visit. Its like my brain turns thoughts into hyperlinks as I think now. Its so automatic for me to say "I went to Safeway today..." and turn Safeway into a link. So in the course of logging my life, I do log the web. That’s why this medium is the IDEAL one for me.

Your thoughts?


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I think the person who wrote that article doesn’t truly understand what a Blog is for. Who logs the web, anyway? Sheesh.

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