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Am I goth?

Okay, normally I’d just post this in Rina’s bv comment, but I was giggling and had to share!!

She said:

For some reason, I have dark circles under my eyes, and when you pair that with Piper grey eyeshadow and Amethyst purple lipstick, my eyes are dark all over and I look goth. Even after blotting the lipstick 85 million times and tempering it with lip gloss. <.giggle>
I love the Amethyst lipstick so much, and even wore it for my wedding.... so I ask you - do I look goth in my wedding picture??!!

Close Up Formal
Look at those awesome nails!! And btw, here’s one of Rina and me, if you want to see smile


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LOL! No, somehow you can pull off the color better than I can. I’m not why, but that’s how it goes. And it’s not like the goth look is bad in anyway, it’s just startling to see it on me. LOL I like the color, so I continue to wear it.

*giggle* I guess!

Hey.. I don’t think you look Goth AT ALL. No way.

Oh, good!!! smile When Rina said the same lipstick made her look goth, I was hoping that it didn’t make me, too!!!!!

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