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Amy, Kimmie, and Colleen

Oh, goodness, its gonna be a hilarious week at LaLaBlog, I can just tell... These guest bloggers are hilarious! I’ve read some of their comments to Lala’s posts in the pasts - giving them the ability to actually post might make for a lot of giggling when I visit the page *g*


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Hey Kristine - I really like your blog design! Now, how did you get your comments numbering thingamajig to work? You need to let Laura in on that little secret. smile

Hey, thanks, Amy!!! smile

Ahhhh... Greymatter, Yes, Laura has talked to me about that before! She really wants to use it, but I know she’s had trouble with it in the past.

Oh, that’s too bad! Tell her to talk to me or Gina or Christie, we all got it working smile

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