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Stress Relief and Knot removal techniques?

The more I worry, the more knots appear in my back! Its amazing how that happens. Do any of you have some good techniques for relieving stress *before* it turns into knots? Maybe I need some breathing exercises or something...

Some of this stress is normal healthy stress - just from sitting in front of the computer all day and not having a chair with good back support. Some of it is from actual worries. A bit of it might be from my easily-fall-into-sadness personality. And some of it is probably just a bad back? But I have some HUGE knots right now... and E can only give me so many backrubs *g*

I did some searching this morning and found a few links that I want to come back to:

And if I think I’m stressed this week, wait till next week when I’m not only doing my job, but my secretarys while she’s on vacation!! Ugh!


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Oh, cool - I was actually going to be looking for stress relief things, too. I kept saying I would, but I wasn’t going to have time until AFTER the last test tomorrow, when frankly, most of my stress will be gone. LOL I’m tired of getting all hysterical and frustrated when I get stressed out, so hopefully some of this will help me, too!

Oh good, I’m glad I could help! I ran out of time, and basically just copied links that looked good, but I think some of them will be really good... I hope the rest of your week goes well!!!!! smile

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