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I'm tempted to buy this magazine

I love Julia Stiles. I think she’s such a great actress - and RollingStone.com has a quote about her that really exemplifies her spirit:

Unlike many of her squeaky-voiced, three-named contemporaries, it is easy to imagine Stiles making a smooth transition into an older, seasoned actress. She has a piercing intelligence that lends a depth and richness to her parts.
I think that is SO true! She leaves the audience with a piece of her true feelings, IMO, that shine through every word she says.

I love the picture of her in this article, too smile

Oh, anyhow, her newest movie (O) has a release date of April 27. Guess what I want to see for my birthday? smile Anybody wanna promise to go w/me?!


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I love Julia Stiles, too, and I totally agree with that quote. Even though her last movie, with Freddie P, Jr, was absolutely awful. She was fine, but the writing *really* wasn’t.

I actually didn’t mind that last movie too much.... it wasn’t the best, but she still did a good job in it.

Yeah, she was good, but what was really the point of the movie? LOL Kate, Jen and I watched it on movie night, and we were all just like, "That’s it? Um....." Kate actually asked half way through what the movie was about, and we didn’t have an answer for her. Weird things came out of the blue and made no sense.

I heart Julia Stiles too!!

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