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Setting up a desk!

Khara sounds like she has the right idea - she’s going out and buying fun stuff for her desk!! And even paint! How cool!

Just recently, I added on to my *desk* (I had one long table, now I have two in an L shape!) When I did that, I got more stackies (all neatly labeled!), and a cool rotating organizer. I really need some file folder holders for the folders I have in process because they get put in my stackies and I have to dig through the pile to find them!

Problem is, I get like 300 projects going at once, and have to keep the paperwork on my desk for all of them, so usually my desk is covered with papers. People think I’m messy, but really, I’m overwhelmed (and a little messy *g*) So the more organizational tools I have access to, the better it is. At least I can attempt to put the inventory sheets in the Inventory stacker until I can get back to them. Or the pile of bills in the To Input stackie... And the pens and markers and highlighters back in my spinny thing *g* So I’m working on it! And Khara, I hope your desk gets all organized and happy smile


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I can’t wait to paint my office down at work...it will be so pretty I think! And move all of my new stuff in so I can do a much better job. I need to be in an environment that’s fun, colorful, & decorated to do good work! wink I think I may paint and start decorating down at my new office this weekend...yeah!

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