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Jack ate my cookies...

My brother’s dog got in trouble this weekend - my mom had hidden some cookies in her closet (she’s not suppose to eat sugar)... and Jack found them. Ate a whole bunch. Got in trouble. So then Sunday night, I returned my mom’s cookie sheets with a plate of cookies (appropriate, no?) They were yummy Oatmeal Raisen-Chocolate Chip and they turned out all nice and pretty smile I found out from my dad that Jack had gotten on the table and eaten some of them. Stupid dog. I didn’t make those so he could eat them. They were GOOD cookies, not dog cookies!!!

So he got in trouble and ended up really hyper from the sugar. I feel a teeny bit bad, but mainly annoyed that my yummy cookies were wasted!


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LOL! I’m sorry, but that sounds like something my Molly would have done. (I’ve been thinking about her today, 'cause it’s been two years exactly she’s been gone.) I’m very sorry your cookies got eaten by Jack, but he’s such a cutie pie that it still makes me giggle.

Not only is he dumb, he’s lucky! Chocolate can be deadly to dogs. Don’t know why exactly....but I believe the vet. =) It is a funny story just the same. Atleast he has good taste in food!

Oh, Molly was really cute, just like Jack. smile

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