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One sister home, another on her way :-)

E and I went with mom and Matthew to the airport to pick up Megan last night smile She was really excited to be home smile I can’t wait to hear more of her stories, when she’s a little less sleepy and a little more alive! She was planning to go to school this morning, but I’m skeptical. Then tonight, Lisa comes home. And Wednesday, they both leave on music tour. So their time at home is short! And I think, right after that, Meg leaves for College Days. I know she’s busy non-stop until graduation. I miss her. I miss both of them!

Oh, but she did bring me back a cool thing - I have brand new, straight from England, perfectly me Dr. Martens!!! smile I had put money in her account just in case she found some, and she did! At almost half the price I was going to get them from Nordstroms here smile They are a little snug, but she says they’ll stretch a little wink Yea!!! Now I won’t have to wear my totally falling apart brown ones every day. They were literally falling apart - pieces of the inside kept coming out (the plastic looked like lasagna noodle pieces and I kept thinking I had walked through the kitchen and somehow gotten noodles in my shoes *g*). Happy happy smile


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