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Where's Jish?

ROTFL! I followed a link and played Where’s Jish? *giggle* What a funny game!

The whole story with it reminded me of a book that I had when I was little because the book was horrified every time you turned the page *g* pulling book out of the closet The Monster at the End of This Book : starring lovable, furry old Grover smile I suppose this was super fun to me as I had a large Grover doll *giggle* But when I was searching thrift stores in college, I found this one again and had to buy it - it was such a fav of mine.


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LOL!!! I love Where’s Jish. I also love that Grover book - we had it at Montessori when I was in kindergarden.

Hehe, Jish is a great guy and really funny, that totally goes with his personality. (You should check out Jish’s site - www.jish.nu)

Wow - check out the Jishy-love. smile

Jish is sort of Grover-like, isn’t he? Can’t you just picture him going, "Neeeeear...Faaaaaaar!"

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