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Scary stuff on my street...

This is my parents street. They live 3 houses down from where it happened. Ever since I remember, we’ve always called this man Grumpy (not to his face, I had never met him before, only heard how grumpy he was) - I guess we were a little too nice with our nickname....

Its so scary because Kevin and Kellie (Kellie is/was my little sisters best friend for all of their childhood years) were next door to him when it happened; and that worries me about their safety. They evacuted them, but still....

And now, there are police camped out on the street and have it all blocked off. Apparently, its gotten to be quite the crime scene and they even had to pull in Portland police because its too big of a deal for just our little camas/washougal police. What kind of a sad world is this? *sigh*

update We’ve now heard that Grumpy didn’t make it through his surgery. That will complicate the situation even more.
Tuesday update This morning’s article in the paper - The Columbian. This time they were more specific about the call, and it made me very scared for Kellie and Kevin!


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How scary!! Is Kellie okay? I’d be scared to go back to my house if I were her. : ( I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts...I bet your family is pretty shaken up, too.

Yep, Kellie’s fine - they were just a little scared. And they took him away after it happened, so it wasn’t like there was too much danger. Especially with 10+ police officers out there at all times! I had to drive through pilons (?sp) to bring Matthew home after lunch because they have our street blocked off.

Silver Birch sounds awesome. You know, I HAVE to find a GB by me. I love all the stuff you got me last year (see the pink pouch on my shelf LOL), but I want more now!

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