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Accomplishment is a good feeling :)

Look how many things of the list I crossed off! smile That’s a very happy thing smile I still have more to do, but we got so many of the big things done smile

<--I love the cute dress I’m wearing today! smile

I’ve been at work for 2 1/2 hours, and have gotten so much done already. Redid the 3 invoices that got eaten friday afternoon; printed all of the reports that I didn’t get to do on friday because stuff got eaten; chatted with mom (who came in to clean before taking her shower or getting ready for the day *g*) about the people who refuse to talk to me when they are going to be gone (HELLO, I’m the HR department. Scheduling MUST go through me, or DIE! Yes, I’m pissy about it *G*)... anyhow, so I’m doing good. Even though I’m a work, I’m not too stressed smile

I got everybody who asked set up over at {{linkmo http://www.love-productions.com/thekitchen TheKitchen|The great group blog for recipes and kitchen tips}} - including some new stuff for cookbook recommendations. I’m excited to see that people are excited about being active in this group, and I’m really excited to be able to get it set up a little better... can you tell that I like being the behind the scenes kind of leader? Get things going, foster them, and be able to watch them grow.... its very rewarding for me. I wish I had time to foster all of the groups I lead/help out with like I should, but someday... I just need to listen and be able to say "Whatever you say, Whatever Lord, have your way," a little more freely [full lyrics]

I also got all of my main webpages fixed yesterday - that was a major accomplishment. I still need to change all of the angelquotes theme ones over, and start putting the gallery pictures into the right format, but I’m well on my way smile

You should see the curtains in my bedroom - they look awesome smile

Must get back to work now!


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