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The big shuffle

Well, we left around 11 yesterday for {{linkmo http://www.qsent.com Qsent|the amazing company that E works for}} and didn’t leave there until almost 5ish. For the 20-30 people who switched desks in order to make more room for the incoming people, all of their phone extentions needed to move with them. So E had to change where each of their phone cords (little jumper wires) on the phone box was going. The company that provides their phone service didn’t have all of the wires figured out yet, but we got everybody done but 2 that we couldn’t do. It was lots of work, but I was glad to help - the people there are so nice smile It made me all thoughtful... I think I would enjoy working in an office like that. But what if I wasn’t good enough at my job? I never have tested myself by going into a new place like that, with the exception of my job at College in the office of the Technology depart... they were impressed by my skills. I really have issues with my job right now, but its safe. I don’t have to try and extend myself. But maybe I’m missing out on the joy of being in an office where I could grow and work my way up. But maybe I’m saving myself the torture of realizing that I couldn’t cut it in the real world. All very thoughtful things, which I may never get to test out....