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I like Grape *g*

Khara dyed her hair smile Looks like it’ll be really pretty, and it bet it’ll look beautius in the sun (yes, I know, its not sun-season in Washington yet *G*). My hair always looks darkest for the first few days after dying it, and then it looks a little bit more *real* looking after that smile What color did you do, Khara? I really need to redo mine because my gray hairs are starting to really show again!


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Well, chalk it up to one more thing in common, Kristine! I dye my hair to cover up gray too! I wanted to stop b/c I’m fine w/ my natural color, but I keep getting all these gray hairs...so I can’t now because I don’t want to have gray hairs at the age of 21!!! That just isn’t right! The color was Cinnamon Stick by Nutrisse. It’s not the one I normally do, I may go back to my other one, which was Excellence by Loreal, Medium Auburn or something like that...I get them confused. Cute dress today, by the way, too bad I can’t see it in person! smile

Tee hee - we just keep finding more in common! smile I’m getting gray hair in the same place as my mom did, but way earlier - I’m thinking that my natural stressed out personality must be contributing to that! The normal color I do is Clairol’s Natural Instincts in Rosewood - it gives me a nice red tint, but the first few days, its a little too red *g*

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