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When I'm gone...

I always feel like I miss out on things while I’m gone. So I’m surfing through my blogs this morning at work because I missed all my friends chatty-ness since it seems like SOOOO long since Friday when I got to read anything last.

Drinking 7-Up this morning because when I change my morning routine, I invaritably miss something that I’m supposed to have been doing... this morning, it was the cherry coke that got forgotten... *sob!*

Thanks to everyone who left me sweet wishes for my move!! (more about that later!)

Via Zal and her beautiful dark new redesign, I found Ten Cent Wings

A very special birthday wish for my sweet friend Dara smile I hope your day was full of happiness smile

Via Jill and Dyane, I found luvliness’s horoscope dolls - here’s mine:

Taurus: Apr 20 - May 20
The persistence of Taureans is what gets them where they want to be. Their basic need for security and stability is accomplished by sheer determination. They have tremendous reserves to keep them going when things get tough, and plod along regardless of what life throws at them. Seeing things through to the end, building something worthwhile is the stuff of life to a typical Taurean.

Also via Jill, I found So Anyways..., which looks like a lot of fun to read smile

via Dara, I got to check out Jodi at iwilldare.com’s redesign, which is nice and dotty!!

At least Belle has a sense of humor about her server problems - go look at her still waiting pic *g*

Jaya has a beautiful soft redesign at Thought Element smile

Rina was a prolific blogger this weekend - it was nice to catch up with the super-progress school-wise that happened at her room this weekend!!! And I agree about yahoo/egroups merger - not happy with it yet. Don’t like the banner ads you pointed out at all, and I don’t like that its bleeding the banner ads in the emails into our angelquotes. Blah.... If it keeps really sucking, we’ll have to move the list to somewhere else. Blah!

I’m very happy to see that BlogVoices is back and now powered by Blogger. In my big post that got eaten the other day, I had listed quite a few reasons why I love being able to comment and have people comment - Most importantly because it gives such a feeling of interactivity that makes my blogging-experiences much more fun!

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ve been doing this post amongst other morning things since I got to work at 7, and now I’m off to finish the double checking of numbers for the W2s smile Crossing my fingers that I can get that ALL done today and not stress about it being done ON the 31st like the last two years *g* That’d be amazing, with everything else that’s going on!!!


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