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I’m IN!!! I am sitting in my brand new office/game room, posting a quick note before I have to get ready for work smile

The move went well - my dad is a master packer, so we made it in ONE trip with a 17' Uhaul *giggle*. But man, I am still SOOO sore. I can barely move, actually!! We went up and down and back and forth to the truck a million times - and I didn’t even do it as much as everybody else because I was directing things a lot of the time.

But our house is great. I will write a nice big post later on about it smile

E had a choice of going into work for a little bit yesterday or going in early and then getting off early, and so we are leaving at 7 instead of 8, and hopefully the traffic won’t be super bad between here and Camas and then Camas and Lake Oswego. I can’t wait to get my license so he doesn’t have to take me to work and come back and get me!

Wow, my hands are even sore!

More later!!!


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Congrats on the move, girl! Nice to hear you got all moved in with no big problems. Can’t wait to hear all about it. smile

New places are wondeeeeful!!! smile

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