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Almost moving day

Oh dear. Its Friday. I move tomorrow!!!! Last night, I layed in bed and stressed until E made me giggle about other things and I feel asleep. But this morning, my stomach is all knotty worried about not having enough packed and not having nearly enough time to do it all in. Maybe I’ll be lucky and can go home from work early. Otherwise, I’m screwed. No, not screwed, but I’ll feel bad because we won’t be completely ready in the morning. So send up happy thoughts for me today and tomorrow, please!

Still haven’t touched the bathroom, but I did most of the clothes in the bedroom last night. I have several whole cupboards that haven’t been touched. I’m gonna get my sisters to help with the kitchen tonight, though. I can’t do it. Yes, I can. It will all work out. And when we are done, we’ll be in a brand new place with lots of room smile And then we’ll get to buy furniture and pictures and curtains and make it OUR home smile That makes me happy. So now I’ve once again tried to change my focus and see how long I can keep my focus on the happy not the stress!

Speaking of which, several of my friends have started self-improvement journals. I am very proud of them in their new focuses on improving. . . For me, this journal is SUCH a focus-bringing tool for me. I really feel like the simple act of daily using this place to talk about my feelings and my life, I am improving myself because I’m finding out more about *me* just by writing. Look at my title - Hopeless Romantics - I have always identified with both of those words: Hopeless because my meloncholiness always gives me an Eeyore "nothing will work out" feeling; Romantics because through that eeyorey-feeling, I can still see the fairytale possibilities to the story of my life. Sticking those together shares how my feelings and thoughts work really well.

So anyhow, I’d really like to try and do some more self-improvement posts within my blog. Just writing these thoughts really gives me something to work on for each day. And who knows, maybe one day, my stress level will be managable because I’ll be able to recognize the trends that happen in my brain to cause the stressing.

Wow. New theme:

Becoming a Happy Stress Free Hopeless Romantic with Every Word


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Good luck with the move! You can do it Kristine! This is coming from someone who moved 5 times in 6 years and 2 years in a row we moved 2 days after Christmas! Thank gosh hubby’s job isn’t moving him anymore! We’ve been in the same place for 4 years now.. woohoo! smile

good luck with the move, kristine!!

*singing* Happy trails to you, until we meet again! */singing*

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