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Valentine Movie

I caught a glance of a preview for Valentine last night. Just long enough to see the side of David Boreanaz’s face.... I wasn’t possitive it was him until I looked it up on IMDB, but I was right! Doesn’t necessarily look like my kind of movie, but there are lots of people on it that I like - David B. (of Angel and Buffy), David Cosgrove (the only CUTE Scott from All My Children; and from 90210), and Katherine Heigl (of Roswell), and a bunch more people I recognize *g*


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LOL I tell ya, I had no interest in that movie at all til I saw that David B. was in it! :o) I don’t think that it is really my kinda movie either but I would be more than happy to pay to see David Boreanaz!!!! :o)

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