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Loony Tunes :-)

From A to Z *winK*...

Aesthesia and Zippylog share a link to a cool Looney Tunes quizlet... what does your favorite Looney Tunes character say about you??

Oh, I definately know which one mine is:


You are definitely in control of your life. People say you’re a control freak. You’re the kind of person who is always paranoid with unimportant issues, but that’s okay because there is always someone there to relieve that paranoia. Love is very valuable to you. Relationships have been hardships for you but just remember that you’re in control.

Control-freak, yes. In control of my life? Yet to be decided smile

Anyhow, I must have a thing about Aliens *giggle* Now, not the same kind of aliens as a certain X-Files fan, but Marvin and the Little Alien Dude from Toy Story are two of my fav cartoony characters!


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