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feeling a bit better

Well, slowly but surly, my body is starting to recover. I don’t know if it was the vitamin C I’ve been taking, or just too many cold pills, but my sore throat is starting to feel better smile So that means I’ll be alive for the massive packing operation which must happen this weekend! We move in 8 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!! We have half of the living room packed. That’s all. So there’s lots to do! I’m gonna try and convince my sisters to come and help me pack dishes. *g* I’ve got most of the boxes that my Pfaltzgraff, so that and many of the other kitchen things won’t be so bad.

(okay, when they talk about power relief for California on the news, why are they showing the production lines from the Tillamook Cheese Factory? *g*)


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