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Amazon outlet and frustration at work

I found this link in my aol mailbox which I check pretty rarely check - Amazon Outlet. This could be a cool place for bargain things smile

My job is stressful today. I really need a good way to release pent up frustration - any ideas? Pounding on my adding machine to add up payroll numbers seemed to almost help... and giggling with my secretary at friends helped make me less annoyed... but neither of these are good long term answers because I know I’ll still be frustrated tomorrow when I’m not at work!! (Yes, I’m starting to understand myself a bit!)

I think I’ll try and remember to copy the MP3s I made from some of my CDs at home onto my computer here so I have some fun things to listen to at work smile

So I took a break... Unfortunately, it started out because I got yelled at one too many time by my brother, and I just lost it.... I hate crying at work, I really try so hard to keep my cool, but I just was pushed to my limit. My break consisted of crying down the alleyway and finding somewhere to sit and just breathe and pray and cry some more. I’m feeling better about things now. I mean, I’m no where near close to closure on my frustrations, but I think I’ll make it another day.

I’m gonna leave this post as it is for now, but may come back when I have more time that’s less scattered smile


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Keep your chin up, girlfriend! smile Here are my suggestions for stress relief:

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