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Stuff and things...

Eric took me out last night smile He said that he had wanted to celebrate 1 year since he proposed, but then he was too sick to do it on the actual day.... So he came and picked me up from work (yes, I was still at work at 5:30 when he came home) and we went to Applebees. It was lots of fun smile (the cute bartender Kevin was even working LOL!)

I’m sharing another good resource site that I found - Web Page Design for Designers. I need to come back and read this smile

I saw an interesting idea on tv this morning - a dog sitter who has a dog cam so you can check on your pet during the day!! You can check it out at {{linkmo http://www.nobonz.com No Bonz|doggie daycare and cam}} I particularly notice pet things because of my profession as the business manager for our family business - pet products manufacturer and distributor!! *giggle*

Checked out Ann’s new design for Ann-S-Thesia this morning - looks really cool!!

I would be really happy if I could stay home and play games today *giggle* But NOOOooooo I must go make more of a dent on the HUGE piles on my desk. I made it down almost a whole layer yesterday though smile I really think that this software change is going well - I wish I knew more, but its getting there! smile

Have a great day, chicas!!!


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How ironic. I stumbled on this site through puresugar, and seen your post. Another couple named Eric & Chris. What a small world!

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