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Computer Crashes and more

So I lost several things yesterday on the two occassions that my computer decided to die on me... first crash, I had a nice post I was working on for this page, and some template changes that hadn’t been saved. And on the second crash, I had played The Sims for a hour or so and went to save and it locked. Wow, what a great computer day LOL!

Candi’s redesign turned out really pretty. The colors are very similar to that of the Realm’s, which I adore smile

We went looking at futons again yesterday while at the mall (if you missed my earlier furniture search post, we wanted a hide-a-bed for the living room because we won’t have a guest bedroom, but then found that a futon might be better).... I’m trying to pick a frame style that I like - I think its between the {{linkmo http://www.americathebeautifuldreamer.com/individualbeds/Futonpages/OxfordFuton.html Oxford Futon|I dig the undercouch drawers on it}}, the {{linkmo http://www.americathebeautifuldreamer.com/individualbeds/Futonpages/NewportFuton.html Newport|Nice and basic, I like the long armrests}}, or the {{linkmo http://www.americathebeautifuldreamer.com/individualbeds/Futonpages/Coronado.html Coronodo (in Alder)|because the shape of the arms is very nice, but I dont like the glass table that matches it}}. We’ll see smile

I like Belle’s idea of going outside of our fav places with a neighborhood block party... it got me thinking.... What would happen if you took all of your favorite places and then went to all of their favorite places. Would you find new things? If you don’t, then you definately have an exculsive group of people that you visit smile I do tend to visit the same type of weblogs - almost everyone I visit is a woman; but I find that I write more openly because I know that’s my readership, too. Anyhow, this is why I have such a large array of choices on my sidebar - favorite loves, new loves, rediscovered loves, and other loves - this gives me a way to keep track of other people that I don’t have time to read on a daily basis, but want to visit often anyhow. Anyhow, I think its always a good idea to expand your horizons on a frequent basis, and that’s why I had to point out that I liked Belle’s comments on the topic!!!

Let’s see, yesterday, we spent a few hours starting on our packing - I started cleaning out one of the closets in the entry way (it has all my craft stuff in it), and we worked on a few shelves of the bookshelfs in the living room. It feels good to have a little bit done... even though there is a lot more to do. Then, we went to Olive Garden for lunch. Yumm! I had the Chicken Parmesana (I know I’m spelling that wrong!) because I had the Tour of Italy a few times ago and loved it... very good smile And then we went back to Sears to return some clothes my mom got for E that were too big. On our way down to America the Beautiful Dreamer (see above for futons smile, we passed Victorias Secret - they were having their semiannual bra sale again smile So I speedily picked out a few bras and some panties and bought them, and I figure if they don’t fit, I’ll bring them back. E wasn’t super excited about being in there with me, but he was sweet about it smile Then, we went to Fred Meyers to exchange the wallet I got him and the game that he got two of... and we bought tons of Rubbermaid containers to help us in our packing smile Yea! E got a much needed car wash after that. It was a productive day smile

Oh, I went through my choices of washers and dryers to purchase (my Aunt Judy sent me a list of the ones I should choice from - she works at Whirlpool smile ) - I think I like the Whirlpool Gold Electric Dryer with Ultimate Care - 8 cycles/5 temperatures and the Ultimate Care II Washer - 9 cycles/6 temperatures/5 water levels. So now I just need to get it purchased and find out the delivery info so we can have it moved into our apartment instead of moving it ourselves.

Today, I need to go to work for a little while, but I want to get some more packing done before that smile

I surfed through my blogs this morning. I’m watching soaps. This is how mornings are meant to be smile


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