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A note from Qsent :)

I’m sitting in E’s office, playing on his computers, and thought I’d add a little silly note from here smile He has the coolest thing on top of his monitor (well, he actually has tons of moniters in here, but this is one of the two in front of his keyboard *g*) - its a shrunken little teeny tiny copy of Qsents business plan, and its so cute! Its like encased in a plastic paperweight and its so little you can barely make out the headers, but its a neato idea. If I was ever working for a company of this size, I think that’d be a cool thing to give out smile

We weren’t gonna go anywhere today, but the phone service got screwed up here somehow, so E had to come and fix it. Too bad that its a 40 minute drive over here for it... But maybe we’ll get to go and eat while we are out.

I had a really sad dream last night, and it made me sad this morning... so I was kinda a brat and didn’t eat breakfast or do anything important. But I’m feeling better, so that’s what counts, right?

That’s all for now!!


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