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Sims and New Years Eve

Well, I have now joined the ranks of those sucked into The Sims. Boy, I knew this would be a fun game, and I knew I would get sucked in, and I wasn’t gonna get it until after the move so I could have time that I actually could devote to it, but I caved and bought it anyhow LOL! So I’m trying hard to learn to play, and visiting Sim sites between playing smile So far, my family just can’t seem to ever have enough money.... so I’m still learning *g* I’ll be sure to share some links with you all - I’ve even found sites that other blogger friends (or friends of friends) have put together smile

Last night wasn’t exactly the fun New Years Eve I had planned. I think that the pizza we got was bad... send E into a really bad stomach ache and ended up in him getting sick. Man, I never want pizza again, and I KNOW I am not ready for kids because I almost lost it myself after that. So I ended up halfway sleeping on the couch all night. I’m pooped! And he’s pretty tired out himself. So now I have to figure out how to get the floor and bed skirt cleaned sometime this morning. *sigh*

But, I still have happy memories of last New Years Day wink Feel free to {{linkmo http://www.love-productions.com/wedding/kandekisses/#1828342 read about it|kandekisses - kristine and eric are blowing kisses across the web at you}} smile


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OMG, I too am COMPLETELY addicted. To the point that my neighbors next door called and said, "We thought you left town - there are 4 newspapers in your driveway!" LOL! Think there are any online SIMS addiction support groups?

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