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happy long weekend!

Its now officially the beginning of the long weekend smile A long weekend with lots to do, but I’m still looking forward to it smile

I’ve been tweaking my sidebar a bit this morning - added some links to the movies I’ve seen lately - I’d really like to keep track of the movies I’ve been watching lately smile I also added some picture links to our new apartment - move in date is scheduled for January 27, and we have lots to do before then!!! Anyhow, it makes me happy to edit my sidebars, so I know you’ll not see as many template changes as some of the journalers out there, but you will send text changes here and there regularly!!!!

We (Megan, Lisa, and Meg’s good friend DesireÚ) saw Miss Congeniality last night - good movie! Sandra Bullock impressed me again! Then we went to Coldstone - its this cool ice cream place where you pick the kind of ice cream you want, and then they take real mix ins like whole brownies and cherry pie filling and cookie dough and syrup and candybars and whatever you want, and fold it into the ice cream smile YUMMMMM!!!

I feel kinda bad, though, cuz i’ve gotten to go out with my mom and sisters to do stuff while the girls have been on break, and E’s been a little bit left out cuz we’ve gone after work before he gets home.... so I need to do fun things this weekend with him to make it up to him. smile

(Oh, crap, I hate it when soaps are preempted for stupid sports things.... friday’s CBS soaps had football on... if my whole tape is like this, I’m gonna scream!) Nope, luckily, GH is on here smile

This is a really sad development.... Montgomery Ward shutting down after 128 years Quite a bit of my furniture is from Wards. Same for my mom’s house. I wonder if I’ll be able to find a table and chairs from there before they close...... I hope so, because I wanted to get the same chairs as I have right now so that I can have 8 that match instead of 4 that have to be in the garage and 8 new ones.

When we went to the movie last night, there were good previews. Save the Last Dance with Julia Stiles looks excellent. I really like her, she’s an excellent actress - 10 things ... was one of my fav movies! And then Sweet November also looks excellent - the preview itself makes me want to cry!!!

Oh, for the Quills freaks *wink* out there, check out more Joaquin pics smile

My weekend plans? I need to work some this weekend - Inventory is coming along, but with a whole new system to be able to teach to someone, I need to have some more knowledge before I can be done *g*. I also need to start cleaning in prep for the move. I hate moving. I hate having to sort. But if I start now, maybe it won’t be so bad. Let’s see, I shouldn’t do this, but I got Living Large for Christmas, so I need to go and find The Sims (yes, my mom got the expansion pack, not that game... thought that counts, right?) But I know if I get this, I’ll be sucked in and packing won’t get done. We’ll see.... *g* I should go shopping this weekend - there’s plenty of E-food, but no Kristine-food LOL! I have bills to pay and I’d love to find out when we can see our actual apartment. The Christmas Tree needs to come down. I really want to go out to eat at a nicer restaurant with E - maybe Old Spaghetti Factory or Olive Garden or somewhere like that smile I have emails I need to reply to. I’d like to surf some more for furniture and washer/dryers to purchase.

Cute redesigns this morning at Pure Sugar and EmotionalTapestries smile

Okay, I suppose I should do some things now - have a super day!


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