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Bellringers and weddings and soaps Oh My!

When I turned on the news this morning, I saw the report about the Advenist Bellringers Playing at the Inaugeration. As I was watching the report, I saw someone (the leader) that I’m fairly sure I recognize from WWC, but I can’t figure out what year he was there LOL!. But anyhow, you can check out their page at Ring of Fire Bellringers. I thought it was kinda cool that a local Adventist group was going to be doing something so cool smile

I had a very weird dream last night. I dreamed that my friend Courtney and I, along with Cheryl, went to Carol’s wedding *giggle* I don’t remember much of the dream, but the reception had TONS of people, and I kept trying to get Carol’s attention *g* It was a silly dream!!! Oh, and E was there, too, but he was sounding and acting like my dad... very weird!

Wow, GH has been so good that I had to watch my soaps out of order just to get through Wednesday and Thursday back to back.... (I tape and usually run at least a day behind, depending on how much I watch before E gets home at night and how early I get up and start watching in the morning while surfing and posting). So I had accidently skimmed my eyes over Jill’s Post about Sonny... but now I see why she was so frantic and had to post!! WOW! And not only that, but Ned and Alexis... awwww.... I was sitting here with tears by the end of yesterdays episode, and E was laughing at me!

I am wishing that I could take today off. I let Annette do that. She was getting so worn out entering, and so now she has a break... but I still have lots to do myself. Hopefully, I’ll get lots done and maybe I’ll get to not work at all this weekend, too... but that’s kinda a slim chance. If I could have taken today off, I’d be SO happy to be at home alone by myself all day relaxing... I could watch soaps and clean the hall closets (in prep for our move) and cook. How nice!!!

Aha! That’s what the Beaded Finger Protector was going to be *g* Turned out really pretty, Christie!

I like the song lyrics that Kaycee posted. Twila Paris sings it, and it really does seem perfect for her fight. My prayers are with you, Kaycee smile

I really need to pay the bills on my desk. Why have I put it off? I have NO idea! I have checks, I have money to pay them, but they have sat here since the beginning of the week. I suppose the holidays are making me lazy. Or inventory *g*

Candi, your little-you is really pretty, and it sounds like she was fun to have around for Christmas smile What a neato thing to do, being a big sister - very good volunteer spirit, my friend smile

Okay, I had a delightful time going through my daily reads this morning, but its about time to get ready for another day at work! More later, if I get lonely at work *g*


I know... GH is a must see lately isn’t it?! The Sonny storyline is holding my attention of course. And yes...Ned and Alexis... sure hope that all works out between them after all they have been through! I have a half hour to go before the show comes on and I am getting all fidgety here! LOL