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Snowflake Poem

A very good friend sent me a card that had a poem on the front and I thought it was beautiful smile

Like snowflakes
floating gently,
to earth,
small kindnesses
touch our lives.
First one, and then another
and another,
until at last the world is
bright and shining
with goodwill.
And once again...
its Christmas

Just beautiful wink

Its really nice to see my friends returning to their computers after the holidays smile Even if they were posting because they were sad or sick. Several redesigns over this holiday week even popped up. And its sure nice to see Carol and Dara back and work and posting smile

I’m watching my soaps from Tuesday... I love the holidays on soaps because it usually means some fun holiday get togethers smile Monday on As the world turns was a classic holiday episode from Christmas 1987. It was tons of fun because it had several characters on it that they brought back on Tuesdays episode - Sierra (now briefly played by the WONDERFUL Mary Beth Evans, who I loved at GH’s Katherine for so many years) and Lyla Montgomery (Craig, Margo, and Katie’s mom). I also had forgotten that Hillary B. Smith (Nora of OLTL) was Margo back then until I saw this show! So much fun smile