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The Aftermath of Christmas

I feel like I should post a big introspective post about my Christmas.... Not super exciting, but I feel like sharing a brief summary, I guess smile

It was really nice. We got to spend Saturday just relaxing and playing - I made Cheesecake for the first time and lipgloss for presents, and then Christmas Eve, we spent the evening with my family. My dad made enough food to serve probably 30 people for the 8 of us.... gourmet yummys and the works... After being over there, E and I came home and exchanged our gifts, which was nice and made me feel loved smile Christmas morning, I woke up to a beautiful sunrise. It made me think that God was saying "Look, you are all so special that I brought you beauty on the day you will remember my Son!" We got up and went back over to my parents house and exchanged gifts with them, got our stockings and Santa presents, and got to spend most of the day just relaxing and enjoying being with my siblings. Part way through the afternoon, Megan started stressing about homework, and I felt so bad that I was so stressed about work that I haven’t been able to help her. This started the big knots in my stomach, which still haven’t gone away.

Today was supposed to be an optional day at work, and I would have liked nothing more than to stay home, curl up on the couch, relax, and watch soaps in real time for a change.... but there was just too much to do. So I spent TONS of time trying to convince myself that I wasn’t really too naseous to go to work after the big knots twisted up so much. I made it through the day, but not enough is done yet. I can’t do it any faster!!! Tomorrow is a new day, though.

Most of my favorite reads are on little breaks for the holiday, so I don’t have much to comment on... But after a few days of not posting, I was feeling sad that I hadn’t recorded more of my thoughts in this wonderful first Christmas as a married girl/very difficult and stressful time for me.

Have a nice evening, my friends smile