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You should have seen the big beautiful snowflakes that were falling as I pracised driving last night!! It was gorgeous and started just as we were getting ready to leave the building. It wasn’t snowing enough to my my driving have any problems, but it sure was pretty to see smile Not much stayed on the road here (just a bit on our rooftops), but it looks like there must be more up in the hills (and on the other side of the river) - the Camas schools are 2 hours late today, which seems to be fairly ridiculous because its Wednesday, which is early release day for Camas. So normally the area kids would get on the bus after 8, and come home by 1:30ish on Wed., but today, if they are 2 hours late, I bet they’ll go around 10 and still come home around 1:30 - how pointless is that? This means I have NO idea what Annette will be able to do today, and I may have to be at work alone all day today. We’ll see, I suppose. I’m hoping that E’s commute isn’t too screwed up by this storm.

Last night, I drove for about a half an hour w/mom and she confused me on parking (I never learned to park, and I know that’s an essential skill, and my mom has a hard time explaining how she does things - she says: 'I just do it'). But I’m doing better all around on going around and turning around and starting and stopping and stuff - only stalled once! I haven’t been on real roads, but we found little back roads behind the shop to go to smile

After that, Matthew came to my house and played Roller Coaster Tycoon for a while... I spent another 1/2 hour on the phone with the shipping company. I finally asked to speak with a supervisor (again) and he knew something finally and told me that the person last night had forgotten to tell me that I needed to put the tags on my door again - he made it sound like my verbal confirmation was enough! Oh dear, so I’m trying again!

Matthew was still playing, and we listened to some Christmas music while I did dishes and waited for Megan to come over. She had a paper to work on, and so she needed my research assistance. The paper topic is the the roles that Nurture and Nature play in early age development. Nature is the heredity aspects of development, and nurturing explains the environmental forces that happen in development. Its very interesting - she believes that the environment is the major force which effects whether a child can grow into a stable and happy adult. She’s got some excellent points, and I helped her work on her outline, part of her intro, and some conclusion things - now she just needs to fill up the 8 pages with the 2 page outline smile She’ll have no problems, and I was glad to help smile (ask Rina, I have a gift of these introductory parts of a paper *giggle*)

Speaking of Rina - your post about your sister was very eloquent. I’m glad that you were able to voice all of that, because it sounds like a big breakthrough in the situation - but I’m sorry that its been so long since you’ve seen Dani... I’ll be sending up thoughts that you get to spend time with Jim, Carol, and Dani for part of your Christmas holiday smile

Gina had some great bloggy surfing going on this morning, and I enjoyed some of the people she talked about - she’s a great person for sharing new reads that I’m more than likely to enjoy! And I love that I can comment on her posts, too - its great fun! I really like her idea of capturing a picture of herself every day smile

Tina, if you need any more help on seeing if Greymatter is for you, let me know! I really like it!

Okay, I ran out of time to say everything that I wanted to, so I’m sure you’ll see me later!


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The Ultimate Denial:Although both have influence, I believe in nurture over nature, for in that belief lies the understanding that I have no one to blame for myself but everyone I have ever met.

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