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Merry evening!

Goodness, I got so much done today! My internet connection wouldn’t stay connected long enough to even barely check my mail all day today, and it was SO obnoxious! But I got a very big dent in the pile of work that I scheduled to finish today (almost all of it!), and got Annette’s computer switched, so I’m happy smile

Now I can come home and start on the next batch of Christmas cookies I am making smile I’m doing Russian Teaballs tonight smile A big family favorite!

Oh, {{linkmo http://www.mysocalledwife.com/blog/archive/2000_12_01_archive.html#1646059 Khara|silly girl, send me to craft links}}, I really didn’t need more to do, but your links to all of those crafts sites look like so much fun!

{{linkmo http://disenchanted.org/zal/?x=2000_12_10_archives.html#1644792 Zal|beautiful designer, you!}}, your tutorial on php has me so interested! I’m tired of cutting and pasting to make every page on this site!!

If there was a contest for cute kids of my bloggy friends, Gman and Kayley would have to win smile I really liked the pic of Kayley that was in the LaLa cam before, too smile

Thank you, Gina, for passing on the info smile Now I have lovenotes instead of comments - much more to my liking!! If you are still confused at why I have lovelinks and lovenotes, well, this is love-productions! I just like love-things!!!!!

Oh, I like the redesign that Gilly did today smile Its simple but classy smile

Candi - this is exactly how I felt dealing with the shipping company the last two days... but thank GOD, the package got here today and I don’t have to stress about it anymore!!! As for AOL, I am thankful that I had it to start with, but I definately outgrew its capabilities - but some people just can’t go beyond the beginning pieces of AOL. Annoying!!

I really laughed at the story at Sweet Aspirations today smile Sounds like a lot of work to get some perfect packages mailed!!!

Happy Birthday, Kristin May all your dreams come true!! smile

Enough little teeny notes, off to make cookies and then surf some more while watching my soaps!!!


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Your welcome Hon.. I haven’t tried it yet, glad to see that it worked for you!! And I like all this lovey stuff.. it’s .. lovely! ;) *snicker*

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