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No snow for me!

Apparently, if there was going to be snow in the area, it was supposed to be here on the east side of the gorge this morning. That’s my area! I’m watching the closings, and no mention of any of this side of the Portland area. E said he saw a little bit last night on his way home, and it looks like some of the schools in the area of his work are opening late. Nothing here, though - so that was probably the greatest chance of having snow before Christmas. It was REALLY cold last night - I ended up having to walk home with my giant package of presents from GB that the UPS guy brought me to work (he’s sweet and knows me so he brings my stuff to work because he has to come to work almost ever day anyhow). Anyhow, my favorite meterologist, Dave Salezky on KGW says that rain is coming now. That’s even worse to walk in! Blech, why couldn’t I have learned to drive soonerconfused??

Okay, lets surf...
Nice redesign with some familiar pictures from Zal - the graphic that was up while she was redesigning was beautiful, too!

My Christmas lights make my livingroom look so happy!

I’ve been getting a little worried why Belle hadn’t been her normal bloggy self - sounds like she got hit by a big computer bug - I’m sorry, hon!

Awww, thanks, Laura and Gina!!!

And Congrats to you, Gina for getting Greymatter up and running smile

I hate it when I am sitting here typing and watching my soaps and then they change the schedule around for one reason or the other - The View is on instead of yesterdays All My Children? I don’t understand!

I watched another sexfilled Titans last night. I better enjoy them while they are on! And I really do enjoy them!!! Lots of kissing, my kinda show!!!

Okay, time to get ready for work - its been a fun morning surfing with you all smile


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I know why AMC wasn’t on, Krissy! See, it got preempted in the rest of the country because stupid idiots decided we all wanted to hear tapes from the Supreme Court as they debate about...stuff. Presidency stuff, near as I can tell, but nothing got resolved. Grrrr. I really wanted to watch AMC yesterday!

Blah, they are dorks... I wanted to watch AMC, too.

Awww, I apprecitate that you care so much Kritine. Thank you for that. I’m working on getting myself back together though. I figured it was better to leave the weblog blank than post my pissy thoughts, and believe me, there were plenty. LOL!

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