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Logic and Shipping Companies

I do not deal well with people who don’t listen to logic.

Begin Rant...
I am trying to get a package delivered. (not just a Christmas package, but a bday package for E that I must have by the end of the week) Most delivery services in our area will either leave the package on our doorstep or bring them to the office. So on friday, when they tried to deliver the package which I got from outpost.com, who said they are giving free overnight delivery on packages right now, they didn’t leave it, but left an incomplete note about trying to deliver it but no one was here. No information on when they’d retry or what I needed to do to get the package delivered. So I read the note, checked the box that said "Agreement to leave shipment. I agree that THIS COMPANY will not be liable for any loss or damage that results from leaving the shipment at my request" and put it on my door. Today, I came home and they had crossed out my agreement to leave shipment and checked "Please Call us" and written "If you would like to pick up your shipment from us today between 5:30 and 7:30 pm tonight, see over for an address" There is no address on the other side. Wouldn’t you think if I wrote that I agreed for them to leave the shipment that they would have done that? NOOOOOoooooo... so I just got off the phone after calmly stating my situation to the first girl who answered. She was firm, saying that they could only attempt delivery twice. Hellloooooo, dork.... I checked the box, that should mean they should have delivered it today! So after raising my voice a little bit, I asked for her supervisor... on hold, for quite a while. Supervisor wasn’t super cooperative, and finally said after I bitched about the situation all over again, that he would tell them to deliver it tomorrow as long I said that yes, as long as they had record of delivery, they would not be held responsible for it if it got stolen. HELLO, that’s what the box that I checked said!!!
I just am really annoyed by people who aren’t even close to making sense - I followed the instructions, they should have followed through with the service they were paid to provide.
...End Rant!


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Outpost.com uses Airborne Express & you have to sign your name in a little box at the bottom if you want them to leave your package on your doorstep. I’ve dealt w/ Airborne Express a few times & just as long as I sign saying that they can leave it, I’ve had no problems with them. Sorry you had a less than good experience!

Oh, good, Khara, I’m so glad to hear that this isn’t a normal thing for Airborne Express! Must just be Christmas stress all of the way around!

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