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New Makeup techniques...

I did something fun with my eye makeup this morning that turned out really cool and very holiday-ish smile So, I thought I’d share since everyone is getting ready to enjoy the holiday-ish parties!!
First, I put foundation on my eyelids while I was doing the rest of my face. This gave a nice base to start with. Then I took my pressed powder and used my eyeshadow brush to put it all over my eyelids to make it look matte-ish. (This is a nice professional look with just eyeliner anyhow) To top it off, I used my Lilypad Shimmer lightly on top which gave it a super gentle sparkle smile Finished with very light powder eyeliner and curled my lashes/put mascara on. It looks nicer than my outfit *really* needed for the day, but it was simple enough that I did it fast while E was in the shower with plenty of time to eat breakfast smile

(and yes, I’m a walking ad for Garden Botanika!!)

I really enjoy playing with makeup. Anybody who knows me knows that I spend a little too much at GB, but its fun smile I don’t think that I’m super good at putting on makeup, but I’ve definately picked up a few tips here and there smile And new colors and stuff always makes me more creative smile


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