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Morning Surfing

When I woke up this morning, I laid there for quite a while trying to figure out what day it was. Ya know, its like some mornings you just aren’t sure if you need to get up? I finally got out of bed - but a little earlier than I needed to! Maybe I should clean something... Nah, I think I’ll sit here and watch the news smile Yes, I’m lazy, but I’m cold and sleepy, too!
As I go through my links, you can see what I find, 'kay?!

Kellea has a funny story up at al-noor...
Khara’s getting sick again - I’m sorry! I am still sick; I just haven’t gotten over it yet, after about 4 weeks.
Mindbloggle’s back and has a new nice design smile
I’m going to have a high of 37 and a low of 32 today. Possible snow tonight!
My horoscope says that I might have new skills that I could use to increase my income... hmmmmmm *giggle*
Gillian is an aunt!
Carol made me search through a pile of pics to see if I had one to submit!

Hope you enjoyed my random journey this morning!


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I love your new look Kristine!! Great design! smile

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