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More About Driving...

I woke up this morning very frustrated with the whole driving thing. Because this is totally not interesting to anybody but me, check out

Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing SO much better at not chattering the dashboard when starting up, and I’m even getting good at going into 2nd and 3rd and backing up, but the overall situation is stressing me out. Every day this week, dad or mom have yelled about me about not making E get insurance on the car. (See, its not like I can get it for me since I don’t have a licence, and I’m not able to get a permit because I’ve already had 2 (and 1 is the max, with only a possibilty of a 2nd). So E needs to insure it for him as his 2nd car) I’m tired of them yelling.

And driving w/mom isn’t always a piece of cake because I do something weird, like make the engine make a funny noise that I’m sure is normal and has something to do with the combination of clutch and gas and brake and she has NO idea why it did it, so then I don’t know how to make it so it doesn’t do it again. She’s just not the best teacher. But she’s the only one w/time. And now she’s scared of me because I asked her to take me through the steps we needed to do when we were going from one parking lot to another (we actually had to go on the main road to do it. She mainly said, "oh, you’ll figure it out" and I did fine on the actual road, shifted correctly, watched my mirrors, etc, but then I was going a little slower that I should have been for the road, so she had me speed up. This was fine, except that she hadn’t warned me about what I needed to do to turn into the parking lot, and I didn’t think to ask her if I needed to downshift from 3rd (this was my 2nd day of driving, I wasn’t overly knowledgable!) as I went around the corner... so I was asking as I went around the corner and forgot to slow down enough to do it. Luckily, there were no cars, but she freaked on me, so then I slowed down so much that I stalled it and stopped before we turned into the McDonalds driveway, and someone beeped at me. I got it started again, and we were all fine and the people behind me were only a little miffed, and she said "oh, its okay, don’t worry about it." But she’s been really nervous about it ever since. I spent the next two days only driving in the back parking lot again. *sigh* She just needs to understand that I need to know what steps I have to take before I do it, and then I can do it properly. If you don’t tell me what I need to do, I’m not gonna know how to do it *sigh*

And then, last night, my dad shows up to pick me up to take me to Megan and Lisa’s concert in my car. They are taking advantage of having it there and driving it, and that’s bothering me a teeny bit.

So I’m a little annoyed with the whole thing. I’m proud of how much I’ve learned in a week, but I wish I had more options of teachers so that it wasn’t so frustrating!!! I’ll get it, I know I will. Its just a slow process smile


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Kristine, did you get my email about the whole driving thing? anyways, I’m glad to hear your practicing and doing better. Keep it up and it’ll all come together just fine smile

Kristine, You have to see if you can take the car to a parking lot, the best teacher will be yourself... that is how i taught my bf to drive..Watching others drive too helps that how i learned and then i taught myself...hang in there..

Hang in there, Lady K! Believe me, I know exactly what you’re going through. I finally had to put my foot down and not drive with my parents. Is there someone else who can take you out, like Annette? Or a friend of your mom’s, or a parent of one of Meg’s friends? Once you find the right person to drive with, it’ll be more fun and relaxing and doable!

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