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Greymatter and referrals

I am getting more and more used to Greymatter. I think that the number of people using it (sitelist) is only going to grow and grow smile

It is particularly fun to go through lists of weblogs like the above. It makes me find BEAUTIFUL things like aquula and looplog and smitten and mood-indigo

While I’m talking about weblogs and looking at my referrals, I found A Flicker in the Dark (I’m guessing who hit me from a blogging webring) who shared Top Simpsons Moments smile *giggle*

Oh, and I got a link from uninhibited - what a cool classy lady! smile And it looks like she’s linked to me from aphrodisia.org, unless there is another Lady Guenevere!

That was a fun surf through my stats!!


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Greymatter is great isnt it?! Version 1.1 has just been release btw. The upgrade is fantastic!!

Yeppers, I do have version 1.1 - it came out the day before I was getting the remodel of my site done, so I got it up and working really fast LOL!

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