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Soap Opinions and my History

Okay, I totally agree with Carolyn Hinsey of Soap Opera Digest. (I just got the magazine while at the store, and had to share!) She says:

"You know how I feel about soaps being preempted for questionable news events, so you can imagine how taxing the last few weeks have been for me. I woudln’t have minded 'Breaking News: We have a president!' or even 'Breaking News:There’s been a definiative legal action regarding a president!' But I really resented the constant interuptions of my soaps for breathless updates like 'They’re still counting the ballots in Florida!'
The low point came during a really sweet scen between GH’s Liz and Lucky, when ABC interupted blah blah blah and Peter Jennings asked George Stephanopoulos for his valued opinions on the latest non-event. Stephanopoulos responded with what I am sure was great insight without turning on his microphone.
I will say this again to the idiots in charge of the news divisions: If you wouldn’t pre-empt Friends or Who wants to be a Millionare or Providence for one of these SCOOPS, then don’t pre-empt the soaps! In 10 years, when there are a handful of soaps on the air, and some network suit asks what killed the daytime golden goose, I will be able to answer unequivocally, YOU DID."

I TOTALLY AGREE!!! I mean, at one point this week, they took the 2nd half of a very important storyline on As The World Turns and the 1st half of General Hospital to mostly show the camera pointing at an empty chair while they waited to have someone come and tell them what was going on - and it wasn’t even any new developments that I could see. Stupid news people!!

Speaking of soaps, the Port Charles previews have made me want to tune into that show lately...

So many people discount the enjoyment factor of daytime shows for one reason or another. But I have always found a fun way to relax in soaps. They are sometimes so bizarre that it makes it like you are in *another world* smile Thorsten Kaye, who used to play Patrick on OLTL and now plays Ian on Port Charles said once "What’s so great about reality, anyways?" I took that on as my favorite quote during the end of college, because with all the stresses of studying and working my butt off, I wanted to have time to not think about it. And that’s what watching soaps did for me smile

I have watched multiple soaps over the years. I started out watching General Hospital when my friends brother started on it in 94. (But I had watched when I was little, and my mom stopped when I was able to tell my Grandma what Luke and Laura were doing LOL!). And I kinda watched that show off and on when I could. And then I met my friend Courtney who was hooked on Days. So we tried to watch both, and then we expanded to watching as many as we could at the same time. So I have actually watched every soap on TV at one point or another. Well, except Young and the Restless, and the newest, Passions. My senior year, we would tape Port Charles, One Life to Live, General Hospital, and All My Children on my tv and whatever combination of As the World Turns, Another World (since been cancelled, Sunset Beach (since been cancelled), Guiding Light, and Days on Courtneys; then fast forward to the storylines that we enjoyed. Those were such fun days - we got so good at studying in front of the TV and had a great creative release from the stress which was so easy to get bogged down on.
I’ve faithfully watched General Hospital, As The World Turns, and All My Children for the last year or so. I don’t actually sit in front of the tv watching these, I tape them and then press play when I get home and half watch as I do housework and sit at the computer. I’m an excellent multitasker *g*

I’m sure that my readers have their own opinions (good OR bad) on daytime soaps; but I thought I’d share mine!!!


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>>I will say this again to the idiots in charge of the news divisions: If you wouldn’t pre-empt Friends or Who wants to be a Millionare or Providence for one of these SCOOPS, then don’t pre-empt the soaps!

Carol- yeah, I know prime-time shows do get interupted, but the pre-emption is usually more thought out because there is a bigger audience of people who will call the station and bitch (IMO!) For example, when the Makah indians (I think) were trying to stab a whale as their tribes right, it interupted days and days of shows just to show overhead camera shots of them doing nothing. Its more the ridiculousness of showing stupid news that doesn’t mean anything instead of interupting shows (Daytime or Nighttime) for important things! Silly people! Thanks muchly for your observations smile now you got mine again *giggle*

Very true, Kristine! smile

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