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Rearranging and Basketball playing sisters!

Okay, so I did some rearranging to the sidebar. Added new category headings, and some new/old blogs that have been in my bookmark file that I haven’t added because I’ve been too busy rearranging my life to do that smile Not that I’m any less busy, mind you, but I’m sitting at work trying to stay warm for another hour or so until E comes home and picks me up. It was way too cold to walk home tonight, and I worked for about an hour on some things I needed to do workwise in peace and quiet. Yep, the weather says its 39 degrees now with a 12 degree windchill with 35mph windgust. Too cold AND windy to think about walking home!

Tonight was the first basketball game of the season for my sisters. It was too early for me to take off and go to, but mom and Matthew went. Lisa was worried that she wouldn’t make the JV team (Megan knew she’d be on Varsity because she was last year, and I wouldn’t doubt it if she ends up being the captain). But when the team announcements came out, Lisa was not only on JV, but asked to be swing, which means she attends all the Varsity and JV games, and can play in both as needed. Pretty cool smile I think that they know she has a strong interest in physical activity, and she’s a freshman, so they are trying to develop that this year so she’ll be a really good player they can count on for the rest of her time at CAA. So now you know the story of my siblings evening smile


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