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A note to the feedback queens :-)

Sending some love to the {{linkmo http://www.love-productions.com/hopelessromantics/pastloves/00000005.html feedback|Lovelink from: Welcome to the *New* Hopeless Romantics Journal}} queens smile

Christie - Thanks!!! And you did fine for you first time using comments! smile But my page doesn’t have the super-de-duper snowmn {wink}. You got me beat there, girly!

Dara - I’m so glad that I got this a little more reader-friendly - I was getting tired of the same colors every day and no white! smile

Lee - thanks! And it is nice to have greymatter - it really does make things differently, but for the better smile And thanks for the email, too - I really appreciate you checking more of my site for its userfriendliness, and I’ll definately look at that with a different color background to find the spots to fix!!!

Gillian - I’m amazed that you took time out of your finals studying to comment on my little ole redesign {blush} Thanks!

Belle - the business suit is optional for reading Hopeless Romantics {giggle} But thanks for the sweet comments - I’m glad you think it looks professional - I felt like it was,but then again, who am I to judge?!!! Now, if I can just get the rest of the domain up and happy, I’ll be a super-happy girl!

(And now as I’ve gone through some things today, I see that the font in the comment text area box is a little hard to read, so I must figure out how to fix that smile ) I want to make it easy for people to leave comments, ya know smile )


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