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Welcome to the *New* Hopeless Romantics Journal!

Good Morning my friends smile You may notice a few changes here and there *snicker* Okay, so I redid everything! I’ve been so anxious to get this layout up that last night, I finally put things together enough so I could finish it smile I am now running with greymatter1.1 instead of Blogger. The layout is the one I’ve been working on for my main site for quite a while now, and I hope you like it!

If you are here for the firsttime , you may want to visit the Blog History.

If you missed out on yesterdays posts to HopelessRomantics, check out Week of December 3

I can’t wait to hear your comments, suggestions, etc. on this format smile There is a comment spot below this post - if you click it, you can fill out a form to leave me notes and others will be able to see them who click on the comment spot in the future smile

Have a beautiful day!!!

(oh dear... it seems that I may have screwed up this entry, and my comments disappeared <.pout.> And they were such sweet ones, too! Oops... I guess I’ll have to be more careful when I play with settings and stuff!)


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