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Those last two posts o'

Those last two posts o' mine sounded vaguely pathetic, so here’s a fun (yet linkless because this computer sucks) blog. LOL Today, I got 6 new thing: Beatles "1," NSync’s "No Stings Attached," (I hear that laughter. Stop it!), BSB’s "Black and Blue," (So I lied, there is a link here), "Another Rosie Christmas," and the "Bounce" soundtrack. It has Dido’s Here With Me, Leigh Nash’s Need to be next to you, and the new cool Sarah McLachlan song, Silence. Way awesome. And the last thing? New glasses! They’re fun cute black DKNY wire frames. I fell in love with Gillian Anderson’s pair, and had to get my own. Only mine are ovals instead of square-ish frames, and I think hers are plastic. LOL But still, I love the style. One story described them as making her look "half school marm, half dominatrix." (Uh-oh, what kind of referents are we gonna get now?! LOL) I think I may hit schoolmarm, but that’s about all I’m good for. <.g>

So there. I do know how to make a post without begging for contact with people. LOL


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