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I'm back from my thanksgiving

I’m back from my thanksgiving trip to California smile Eric is sleeping in the other room because he didn’t sleep last night (we had to get up at 3, and so he decided to just stay up)... and I’m watching Emeril cook Angel Food Cake with Lemon Curd, Coffee Macaroons, and coming up - Floating Islands while getting hungrier by the minute <.giggle> He has my mixer (Green Kitchenaid!). I should be unpacking or doing something productive, but I’m reading my email and checking my newsgroups and reading blogs.

The trip turned out really good. It was stuffed full of things E’s parents had planned for us - every time we turned around, we were eating again! Most of it was good food, too smile All vegetarian except for the small turkey dish she did for me for Thanksgiving. Many of E’s family members were there - and I had met most of them before now. I got to meet E’s brother Craig’s girlfriend Dahlia - she was really nice smile Eric’s friends came and hang out all last evening with us, and it was loads of fun to see them again. They even conned me into playing Apples to Apples (fun group game! and Hmmmmm.... the expansion pack would make a nice Christmas present for the group) with them.... I’m not usually a big participator in the games, but have fun watching, and they got tired of that <.g>
It was warmer down there (its 39 here now!), and our flights were all good. It was nice to go away, but I’m glad to be home, too smile

More later!


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