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A lot of people would

A lot of people would probably call me a loner. I’m mostly an indoors person, quite content to spend my days at home, book, movie or computer in hand.

Uh-uh. I’m gonna disagree. There is NO ONE on my buddy list and I am going insane! Hell, I’d talk to Psycho Bitch if she was on. I’d think about it, anyway. <.g> I’m stuck in my parent’s room, no TV or music, no one to talk to, trying to work on my ADA paper. I need voices! I need sounds! I need the 5 new CDs I got today playing in the background. I hate silence.

Um, I also hate my paper. <.g> Can you tell I’m procrastinating? LOL But seriously, I’m craving human/cyber contact here. Without it, I don’t have motivation for writing this damn thing. Guess I’m a people person in my own, unique way. <.g> So, who wants to IM me? That’s Emrald511, just tell me you found me here. LOL