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Now I'm watching Travel Channel

Now I’m watching Travel Channel Presents: Empire States Building

Thanks to a handful of visionaries and legions of workers, the Empire State Building rose as a striking testament to human excellence. Though no longer the world’s tallest building, the Empire State remains the most glamorous skyscraper
I love this building smile New York City is my favorite place out of anywhere I’ve visited, and I’ve had the incredible luck to have been twice in my lifetime smile I went once my junior year because a friend in a fan club was getting married and me and my best friend took that as a sign that we should go and experience NYC while we had the chance smile It was so much fun, but we didn’t have enough time. The 2nd time, my friend Karen (who loves the city more than anyone I know!) really wanted to go again, and I got to go with her. Both trips were great smile I got to see just about everything that I wanted to between the two trips smile


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