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Happy Birthday, Matthew!!! Its my

Happy Birthday, Matthew!!! Its my little brothers 12th birthday today. He’s one of my best friends because I feel like I helped raise him (I was 12 when he was born) and he has been homeschooled which means that when he’s done with schoolwork (or the lack of schoolwork), he comes and visits me at work. He has many of the same interests as me - he’s more into computers than any of my siblings, and we love laughing together. Isn’t that picture adorable? its from sometime during this year, since it has just my engagement ring on it smile So today, we get to go and help him celebrate. Silly boy, he decided that instead of a normal cake, he wanted a cheesecake <.g> I hope mom remembered that! His present from me is being shipped on the 17th, so he has a few days to wait, but I know he’ll like it smile I love you Matthew!!!


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