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Carol, your nativity set is

Carol, your nativity set is really pretty! Thanks for helping get Rina and me in the Christmas mood smile
And that’s really cool that you get to do Thanksgiving for both families - do they both live close? Eric and me are going to CA to have Thanksgiving with his family this year, and then we’ll be here for Christmas. Somehow, I don’t think I’ll luck out on being able to have Christmas at home every year with this silly 2-family stuff {giggle} But I’d love to have a big enough table to have everybody over here - we only have a little 4-person table and practically no where to sit besides. So now that the wedding is over and things to do are supposidly dying down, we need to look for a bigger place than my apartment :->
Between you and your nativity set and Cheryl and Rina and their Christmas music, I’m totally in the holiday spirit now!!!


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