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Damn those fucking bitches! I

Damn those fucking bitches! I am so mad and sad and upset, I can barely type and I hate that! They are NOT worth my time, and yet here I am, letting them affect me! I hate the Remember WENN fandom sometimes, I really really do.

I’m writing this X-Files/Remember WENN crossover story. Mulder and Scully switch places with Maple and Scott, each going to the new time period. (2000 or 1941) Day after I post mine, this twit posts a story about this woman from 2000 who switches places with Betty and goes back to 1943. I raise my eyebrows, but ignore it. As her parts keep coming, they keep mirroring mine. Then I read other stories she’s written and realize that’s she’s "borrowed" plot ideas from this other writer, too. And this other writer is royally pissed off. So I post my brief comment about "isn’t yours kinda similar to mine? <.g>" She says yeah, but it’s taking a new angle soon. Other writer comes up and posts that she noticed it too, and knows that the girl did the same to hers. Sparks this whole fight, with everyone on the twit’s side against me and this other woman. One member, who had been a friend of the other writer, writes in support of the twit that she had a lovely story and every one knows that she didn’t copy. UGH!

That died down that day, and things kinda went back to normal. I was at chat tonight and it turned to the twit and her story. Same stupid idiot told twit girl that no one thinks she copied, and she should keep writing it. That made me so mad! But I feel so sick and headachy and just awful and I can’t fight tonight and they’re NOT worth my sadness and energy but it made me so upset. This same idiot kept saying that the discussion should have been in private, and there she is like goading me into a fight and pulling people into sides when twit and I are both in chat together and we all know no one is on my side except the other writer. Who’s also mad right now, and wants to IM the idiot and fight it out. More power to her, because I just CAN’T! I usually love a good fight and shaking up of status quo when I know I’m right, and I am, but I just can’t. I hate this feeling, and I hate that I let them do this to me. It’s times like these I just want to get out of this fandom because it hurts me more than I enjoy it, but I love this show, and that’s not fair.

<.sigh> Long sad whiny bad blog. : ( Sorry.


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