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Awwwww, such sweet lines! I

Awwwww, such sweet lines! I swear they stole that last one from Titanic, though....

I’ve been so way out of it lately! But I took this fun little quiz today: Can you out-Fox Mulder?. It’s a quiz on David Duchonvy - my results were, "Are you Tea?" LOL There are some pictures from their wedding - the bride was in pink. It was actually a nice dress.

Oooh! I also found this site: Baseball Chronology. I’m having so much fun here! I adore baseball. I’m writing a fan fic story for another of my favorite shows, Remember WENN, which is set in 1941, and it’s been very helpful. (Scott and Maple are playing baseball on the night of the very first Pittsburgh night game - and it’s not based on the last scene of David’s episode from last season at ALL, really. )

Well, back to playing The Sims and working on homework.


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